The Work Begins Here: Teaching the world about the Celtic Curse

The more people know, the fewer will suffer needlessly and die tragically.

The only real obstacle to universal detection, treatment, and elimination of this deadly condition is a lack of information among doctors and among the general population. So here's what you can do to save lives right now:

  1. Tell people about hemochromatosis.

  2. Ask your doctor about hemochromatosis.

  3. Hand out hemochromatosis flyers.

  4. Post hemochromatosis posters.

  5. Follow CelticCurse on Twitter

  6. Tweet this web site.

We will be announcing more ways to help soon, and generating some exciting new literature for you to distribute.

Right now here's a link to 3 brochures and 2 posters you can download and print, from the great folks at Iron Disorders Institute.


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