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Hemochromatosis, Iron Overload, Hemopause, and CelticCurse dot org: an update for 2024

A note from Stephen Cobb who launched the website in July of 2010 with this headline: The Work Begins Here: Teaching the world about the Celtic Curse. I began that first article with this statement: "The more people know about hemochromatosis, a genetic condition often referred to as Celtic Curse, the fewer will suffer needlessly and die tragically." That statement remains true today, more than 14 years after I wrote it. The effort to fight hereditary hemochromatosis by informing people about this surprising common genetic mutation—and the potentially fatal condition of iron overload that it can create—needs to continue in 2024.  Thankfully, over the last decade a growing number organizations and online efforts have appeared and expanded to reach more and more people. Here are just a few of them, from around the world: Iron Disorders Institute Haemochromatosis UK The Irish Haemochromatosis Association American Hemochromatosis Society Ca