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The Iron Conference Report and Some Celtic Curse Support Notes

This is the first version of a post that will become longer when I get a chance to write more. As some readers will have noted from my tweets ( follow @CelticCurse on Twitter) the second weekend of October put me in Charlotte, North Carolina, for the Iron Conference, an event put together by the Iron Disorders Institute , an organization that has pioneered awareness of hemochromatosis an other iron-related disorders. The Iron Disorders Institute was co-founded by Cheryl Garrison who has led patient advocacy for hemochromatosis sufferers for over a decade. The Iron Disorders Institute website contains a wealth of medically reviewed information about hemochromatosis, although you sometimes you have to dig a little to find it (there are a lot of PDF files there which you can download). The organization is working on making the information more accessible and is developing a new site specifically for hemochromatosis: The Hemochromatosis Information Center . We strongly recommend you chec