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The Iron Conference Report and Some Celtic Curse Support Notes

This is the first version of a post that will become longer when I get a chance to write more. As some readers will have noted from my tweets ( follow @CelticCurse on Twitter) the second weekend of October put me in Charlotte, North Carolina, for the Iron Conference, an event put together by the Iron Disorders Institute, an organization that has pioneered awareness of hemochromatosis an other iron-related disorders.

The Iron Disorders Institute was co-founded by Cheryl Garrison who has led patient advocacy for hemochromatosis sufferers for over a decade. The Iron Disorders Institute website contains a wealth of medically reviewed information about hemochromatosis, although you sometimes you have to dig a little to find it (there are a lot of PDF files there which you can download).

The organization is working on making the information more accessible and is developing a new site specifically for hemochromatosis: The Hemochromatosis Information Center. We strongly recommend you check it …