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Dealing with The Damage Done: A recurring theme in hemochromatosis victims

I want to talk about an aspect of hemochromatosis that I refer to as "The Damage Done." When I read the comments on this blog and on the Hemochromatosis page on Facebook , they bring home to me the fact that there is a whole other side to hemochromatosis awareness. You might even call it the dark side. [But before going any further I want to take a moment to thank everyone for their participation on the site here, and over on Facebook , as well as on Twitter . When you talk about any kind of awareness raising these days, those online numbers count. The more people who follow @CelticCurse on Twitter and who like the Hemochromatosis page on Facebook , the more we stand a chance of exerting pressure on doctors and researchers. And the better we are able to get out the word to the millions of Americans who are at risk but have not yet heard of this most common of deadly genetic conditions.] The Damage Done is a term I use to describe the delayed effects of hereditary hemochromat