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Featured Hemochromatosis Resource: MedlinePlus from NIH

Hemochromatosis can be a very frustrating condition, not only physically and psychologically, but informationally. Finding useful information about hemochromatosis can be tricky, even with the power of Google and Bing at your disposal. For a start, a lot of stuff is filed under haemochromatosis, which tends to be the UK/EU spelling. So, from time to time here on Celtic Curse we will be highlighting hemochromatosis sources that we think are particularly helpful. The first of these is from MedlinePlus from NIH .  A service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health. This page has links that cover the basics through to research and some cool tools. We have direct links to the sections here: Basics Overviews Diagnosis/Symptoms Treatment Learn More Related Issues Multimedia & Cool Tools Tutorials Research Clinical Trials Genetics Journal Articles