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New St Patrick's Day Tradition: Ferritin Checks Save Lives!

Here is a modest proposal to save lives on St. Patrick's Day: Get your ferritin checked ! This is a simple blood test to let you know how your body is handling iron. If your ferritin is "high" then your body may be loading iron, which can cause serious damage to joints, liver, heart, brain, and endocrine system. The leading cause of this "iron overload" is hereditary hemochromatosis, the classic form of which is present in 1 out of every 83 people in Ireland and 1 in every 200 people of Northern European descent around the world. If you are Irish, part-Irish, or "Celtic" in the broadest sense of the word, then you should know what your ferritin level is. If hemochromatosis is discovered early enough you can adjust your diet and lifestyle to avoid serious complications such as those chronicled here . If you have access to your medical records, why not look and see if your ferritin level has been measured. A healthy range for ferritin is 25-150ng/mL . Sa