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Chronic Pain and Hemochromatosis: How bad can the bad news get?

Hemochromatosis can create and/or exacerbate a lot of problems for your body, including but not limited to diabetes, liver disease, liver cancer, heart disease, and joint/spine problems. The last item, which can produce deep and unrelenting pain, is sometimes overlooked in the general "What is Hemochromatosis?" literature. There may be a good reason for this: Raising awareness of a problem--and hemochromatosis is nothing if not a problem--requires a delicate balance between good news and bad news. I am deeply familiar with the good/bad news balance from my decades of work in computer security awareness. Indeed, my current job title is Security Evangelist, and my tag line is "I bring you good news about Internet security, as well as some bad." (FYI, the Celtic Curse website is something I do in my own time and the views and opinions stated here are mine and not those of my employer.) As an example of this form of evangelism, last week my colleagues and I put up a blo