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Hemochromatosis and cinical trials

If you or a loved one suffers from hereditary hemochromatosis (HH), you may have experienced the widespread frustration that comes with this condition, frustration that you can't get answers, or treatment, or relief from the damage done by iron overload. One non-conventional medical strategy you might consider is clinical trials. Before you look at how to pursue this option please be advised that it is not for everyone. I think you need a good overall knowledge of human anatomy and biology to navigate this field. Plus some patience: Not all studies will apply to you, for a variety of reasons. The Clinical Trials Site A lot of people don't know that the federal government in America tracks clinical trials online . That link will show you current trials around the world that are related to hemochromatosis. Last time I checked there were 40 of them, with 17 in the United States, as shown here: Here is an example of a trial that is currently recruiting: Identifie