Excellent Video Introduction to Hemochromatosis: From one of the world's leading experts

Prof. Martina Muckenthaler, PhD Head of Molecular Medicine University of HeidelbergHere's some good news for anyone trying to understand hemochromatosis, the most widespread hereditary disease in the Western world: a one hour video-taped lecture from one of the world's leading experts on the subject, Professor Martina Muckenthaler, PhD., Head of Molecular Medicine at the University of Heidelberg.

What is particularly awesome about this video is a. the English subtitles, b. the professor's superb  pedagogical style as she leads her audience of university students from a simple introduction to hemochromatosis to a detailed explanation of its mechanisms at the molecular level.

Even if you watch just the first 15 minutes you will get a good sense of why the world needs to know more about haemochromatosis (the British English version of the spelling is used in the subtitles). Here at Celtic Curse.org we are the first to admit that hemochromatosis is not easy to explain (and we've spent a lot of time trying to explain it). So we were delighted to encounter this video in our ongoing ferreting out of useful information about this debilitating, frequently misdiagnosed, and potentially fatal condition.

Being able to refer people to this video will help us a lot in our efforts to educate the public and we certainly think it could be used by doctors who have patients with iron overload symptoms. Given the widespread lack of coordinated healthcare in America today, every person needs to do as much self-education as possible when it comes to their health. For example, if you have learned through genetic testing that you have mutant alleles of the HFE gene (C282Y and H63D) then this video will help you understand what that means.

To watch the video, click the image above or use this direct link (http://cdsweb.cern.ch/record/1136907) which we encourage you to share.


  1. "...our ongoing ferreting..." Almost ferritin - very droll!


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