Why women as well as men need to know about hemochromatosis (haemochromatosis, bronze diabetes, iron overload, Celtic Curse)

Not enough people know this: the most prevalent genetic killer, in America and many "Western" countries, is hereditary hemochromatosis, a condition that's remarkably cheap to treat and may do little damage if detected early enough. Unfortunately many doctors don't know enough about hemochromatosis, and as a result, hemochromatosis often goes undiagnosed, particularly in women, leading to very serious and sometimes irreversible health issues. 

The links on this page provide explanations of the hemochromatosis problem, including the particular problem of "hemopause" which is when the symptoms of menopause mask those of hemochromatosis.

Let's fight hemochromatosis, the most common genetic killer in the western hemisphere

Hemochromatosis + Menopause = Hemopause (and women of a certain age are at risk)

What Ernest Hemingway's demise tells us about hemochromatosis


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