Blood Variance and Hemochromatosis: Iron News from the Iron Disorders Institute

ironlibThis is just a quick post to remind folks that the Iron Disorders Institute (IDI) has a ton of information about hereditary hemochromatosis. You will find a lot of useful documents in the library on the IDI website.

You can also get their monthly newsletter via email. Here's a link to the latest issue in which Executive Director, Cheryl Garrison, provides a very helpful update on what happens to "hemochromatosis blood"... that's the blood drawn from people with hemochromatosis to reduce excessive iron levels.

As the IDI notes, the FDA has published a Final Rule called “Requirements for Blood and Blood Components Intended for Transfusion for Further Manufacturing Use.” Among the many changes included in this Final Rule is "the elimination of the need for a variance if a blood bank will be using blood for a hemochromatosis (HH) patient." For what all that means for folks who are getting phlebotomies to regulate their iron, check out the Iron News.

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  1. doctors are not knowledgeable about hemochromatosis so i need more information.

  2. Would love to receive this news letter. My sister and I were diagnosed around 7 years ago ..we now go from U.S. To Canada every othere Month to donate blood ...when I retire I would like to move somewhere in the US that ecsept donations from me .


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